GobelaMonde was a Xhosa boy of 6 years in the Transkei, who was called by animal spirits to become a sangoma before he had started school. His mother was against this, but was overuled when other older sangomas witnessed the boys’ clear power and abilities, which had no other explanation than a mystic one. He fully passed his initiations by age 7 and is also going to become a doctor. He received a new spiritual name, GOBELA, and the ritual finery of his position.

2 Replies to “Gobela”

  1. Andrina Laidlaw says:

    Thank you Amy. This is like opening a Xmas presant. I adore all of it.

    Although I was feeling more relaxed about hearing something positive from Coenraad I had a very restless night. I worry that I have upset you and forget that you are a very sensitive sole that is still going throug a healing proses. You need to build your strength for your future. Always know that we will help when you need us. Keep up the good work. Xxx

  2. amyhemingway says:

    Please never have a restless night on my account Andrina, i’m fine, and thankyou so much for your kind words and support xxx

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