11046962_10153073558030102_4015345482938006281_nI painted this in South Africa in February. I did not feel comfortable about it. I put it on the bed and thought… was is that? All my other paintings at the time were of my dogs or nature around me, and I cared about them. But this was bizarre, like a nightmare on the streets of Paris, comets flying.

2 Replies to “Paris”

  1. Amazing Amy! I have just read a very convincing article, saying the whole Paris shooting was a false flag event, done by the French Govt, to push France & the world along into a world war… It shows a pic of the Bataclan, which was set up like a film set (with murdered people)…. I will fed the article to you. I do not take killing anybody lightly, & do not wish to appear in any way way flippant or without compassion, and it is only on the basis of this article, & others I have read, that I think innocent people were killed in Paris, but I seems not by who the Western media would like us to think… ?

  2. amyhemingway says:

    The week before the G8 summit 2007, I sat in a car and heard on the radio the G8 summit was coming up and as soon as i heard that letter and number (i didn’t know what it was) i knew that someone i cared about would die the next weekend in London. I warned people i knew, before it happened not to be there, but did lose someone who i hadn’t thought of as she just had an interview in London that day. Now with this scenario, G20 was directly coming up. As soon as i saw the G20 sign all over the news, it linked in for me with 7/7. I have been feeling very weird and unwell and have to turn off the news now it is causing me stomach pains.

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