Story by Peter Blinston & Nick Dyer

Photography by Nick Dyer

Snares are a major hazard for painted dogs and removing them is rarely straight forward. This is a story about a snared dog called Cusp and how Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) responded to the emergency.

The event took place at the beginning of this year and tells of the six days when Peter Blinston, Jealous Mpofu, Dr Hillary Makzikanda, Nick Dyer and Munyaradzi Chiwara went is search of the Broken Rifle Pack, in an attempt to save Cusp’s life.

Broken Rifle-25.jpg

It was not the greatest start to 2016. Two emails arrived in succession informing us that there was a painted dog with a snare around its neck. The reports came from Mark at Bomani and Sam at Wilderness’s Linkwasha; both reliable sources from two luxury safari lodges in the south of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

One email contained pictures of a…

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