“I ordered Painted Dog Litter with Aunty – it is beautiful; even more lovely than I expected. The dogs are so elegant and graceful with such appealing markings – I love it! What an exceptional talent.”

Dr. Waghorn
Director of undergraduate studies in Philosophy at Blackfriars College, Oxford University. Research Fellow and Director of Studies in Philosophy at St. Benet’s Hall:
“Miss Hemingway captures the physicality and emphasis on embodiment in Christian theological themes, including the Incarnation, the Resurrection and the nature of creation, with verve and power. Her piece depicting Jeremiah 1:5, I find particularly impressive. The eclectic and idiosyncratic style, coupled with a striking and vibrant use of colour, ensures that her portfolio provokes and inspires.”

Dr. Timothy Bradshaw
Senior Tutor, University of Oxford Research Lecturer – Faculty of Theology & Religion:
“Amy Hemingway painted some pictures which were hung in Regents Park College main stairwell, exploring the emotions of women, and these paintings were interesting and appreciated. She painted a picture for me of Jerusalem with a quotation from Isaiah over it, and this was again interesting and thought provoking.”

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